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Combo Scanner Offers Affordable, Convenient Document Capture

Addresses small office needs for occasional scanning and efficient operation on a tight budget. 

Sharp Advice

Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing. What’s Better for Your Business?


Xerox Simplex Combo Scanner Offers Affordable, Convenient Document Capture

Addressing small office needs for occasional scanning and efficient operation on a tight budget, the Xerox Simplex Combo Scanner is an economical solution for convenient, simple document capture. With competitive scan speeds and built-in software, the Simplex Combo Scanner prevents disruptions to daily workflow and is an ideal product for light scanning and special documents.

Under a trademark licensing agreement with Xerox Corporation, the Xerox Simplex Combo Scanner will be manufactured and marketed by Visioneer pursuant to Xerox’s quality control standards.

Economical Investment and Performance
Offering an extremely low price for a combination scanner, the Xerox Simplex Combo Scanner provides businesses surprising value for their dollar with optimal scan speeds and image quality enhancement not expected at this price point.

The Simplex Combo Scanner provides single-sided scan speeds of up to 25 pages per minute with a 500-page per day duty cycle. Its all-in-one, compact design includes both a flatbed scanner and multi-page automatic document feeding (ADF) scanner, ideal for special documents including forms and applications, photos, thick books and magazines, passports and plastic ID cards.

Completing the Print-Only Office

The Simplex Combo Scanner is well-suited for offices with a printer-only environment, such as healthcare facility patient check-in counters, bank branches and government facilities serving the public. A dedicated scanner is an affordable and practical way to complete the office due to its design for robust speed, paper handling and software flexibility.

With the flexible paper handling of the Simplex Combo Scanner, users can securely scan, store and manage their digital information.

Scan with Simplicity
The Simplex Combo Scanner is powered by Visioneer OneTouch® with Acuity, the original one-touch scanning solution that allows operators to send scanned documents to completely configurable destinations with one touch of a button. OneTouch greatly reduces training time for scanner users, adding even more return on investment.


Sharp Advice:

Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing – What’s Better for Business

According to Sharp, in-house printing is generally less expensive because a business can control what is printed, how it’s printed and how much is printed. In addition, companies can print on demand when on a tight deadline, instead of hoping that the outsourced job sent to the local commercial printer finishes the job on time. Sharp provides some additional reasons why insourcing is often the best way to control costs, quality and production time.

In the Color Printing World

Outsourcing print work might not be the best thing for your company’s bottom line or timeline. According to professionals at Sharp, your company should take a closer look at insourcing those all-important print jobs.

Although outsourcing corporate communications materials—such as brochures, newsletters and posters—has some benefits, nowadays insourcing print jobs can be the most feasible and cost effective approach for many businesses.


You only print what you need vs. paying more for excess prints in order to get a volume discount.

Space Savings

With in-house printing, there is no need to store materials that may have a short shelf life.

Control Work Deadlines

Printing onsite, locally, means that you won’t need to pay extra for shipping and handling, or wait to receive the final product.


    Save Time

    Work is prepared and printed in house, keeping control of confidentiality and production time.